Here are the current listing of achievements in alphabetical order. (See also: Multiplayer Achievements)


2x9mm In one game kill 2 bosses using the Dual Glocks


Absolute Kill 250000 zombies

Afraid of the DarkEdit

Afraid of the Dark On The Farm Barricade, choose only FireStarter and get 5 blaze powerups while protecting the scarecrow from any damage

All 4 DeadlyEdit

All 4 Deady Get Fire Team, Mirror Image, Wild Bunch then get a ghost pickup

American HeroEdit

American Hero Kill over 5000 zombies in one game


Armory Stronghold, Regeneration, Armor, Counterblow, Aftershock then survive 10 minutes

Arms DealerEdit

Arms Dealer Get at least one kill with every non-melee weapon in one game


Assaulted Kill 7 machine gun bosses in one barricade game within the first 30 waves


Atomic In one game, kill 5000 zombies using any type of explosion

Bad MoveEdit

Bad Move In one game, kill 3 bosses with landmines

Big GameEdit

Big game In one game, kill two bosses without killing any other zombie in between

Big HarvestEdit

Big harvest Kill 500 Big Boy zombies on the The Field barricade map in one game


Blockade Survive for 15 attack waves in Barricade Mode

Boss HunterEdit

Boss Hunter Friendly Fire, Mano a Mano and Boss Power then kill 5 bosses in one game


Boogeyman Survive for 15 waves on The Farm barricade map


Boogeymonster Survive for 30 waves on The Farm barricade map


Bouncer Survive 5 waves in Barricade Mode without the lower sentry guns having to fire a single shot


Breather Pick up health then survive 25 seconds in Free Play without damage or firing a single shot

Bucket of NailsEdit

Bucket of nails Without receiving any damage from the start of a game, pick up a nailgun and fire 5000 nails

Bullet RainEdit

Bulletrain Kill two Minigun zombie bosses within two minutes of each other


Butcher Get 10 zombies sucked into one Meat Grinder


Butchered Kill 5 butcher bosses in one barricade game within the first 25 waves

Chain ReactionEdit

Chain Reaction Pick up Friendly Fire and use a Zombie Bomber's explosion to kill two more nearby bombers


ColdBlooded Survive for three attack waves in Barricade Mode without moving


Collateral In a Free Play or Barricade game, choose Friendly Fire and use the M107 to kill 50 Zombie Bombers


Collector Collect at least 20 perks in a single game


Cover Kill 25 zombies while remaining inside one Turbine area

Death CheatEdit

Deathcheat Survive 5 minutes with health staying below 25%


Defender Reach wave 40 on the Asylum map, staying above the top barricade until wave 20 and above the middle barricade until wave 30


Defused Kill 3 grenade bosses in one barricade game within the first 20 waves

Demolitions ExpertEdit

Demolitions Expert Get Shrapnel and Remote Detonator then use 10 grenades in one game

Dive BomberEdit

Dive10 In one game dive jump through 10 Zombie Bombers causing them to detonate themselves


Doa Engage DOA mode in single player Free Play, then kill 50 zombies during a single DOA ghost powerup

Don't DisturbEdit

Dont Disturb Kill 3 Grenade Bosses in one game on Cemetery Free Play without using any grenades during the game

Double DutyEdit

Double Duty Kill each boss type twice in one game


Dyn-o-mite In one game, kill 500 zombies with the dynamite powerup


Efficiency Kill at least 10 zombies with one grenade


Endure Kill 1000 zombies in a single Survival game


Execution Kill at least 250 zombies using sentry guns

Explosive IronyEdit

Explosive Irony Deal the killing blow to a Grenade Zombie with a grenade


Extermination Kill 750,000 zombies


Extinguisher Pick Firestarter and Spark and kill 1000 burning zombies in one game with the Steam Hammer

Fifteen Minutes In JailEdit

Fifteen minutes in jail Survive for 15 minutes on the Prison barricade map

Fire ChiefEdit

Fire Chief Burn 800 zombies with the Flame Thrower

Fire FighterEdit

Firefighter Kill 250 burning zombies with an axe in one game

Flak JacketEdit

Flak Jacket Get hurt by and survive 10 Zombie Bomber explosions in one game


Flasher Kill 100 zombies stunned by flashbangs in one game


Flatliner Bring yourself back to full health after nearly dying with Last Breath


Fortress Survive for 10 attack waves in Barricade Mode

Free ManEdit

Free Man Finish off a boss zombie with the Crowbar


Frontman Reach wave 20 on the Asylum map without moving below the top barricade


Gogetter In one game collect 250 powerups without using Powerup hook or Snare


Grenadier Shrapnel and Midair Trigger then get 500 kills with the Grenade Launcher


Guardian Complete the Point Defense mission


Gunbarrel Kill the minigun zombie boss


Gunslinger Complete any mission on 3 silver-star level using only the default Glock

Gut BusterEdit

Gut Buster Decapitate 100 Big Boy zombies in a single game


Hat-trick Kill 3 bosses in 30 seconds

Held The LineEdit

Heldtheline Reach Wave 8 in Bridge Barricade mode


Hidden Survive for 5 minutes in Survival mode without taking any damage


Horde Kill 50 zombies within a ten second period


Ignition In one game use Remote Detonator to blow up 250 Suicide Bombers


Immolation On The Field barricade map use the Flame Thrower to reach a 1000 killstreak without taking any damage


Immortal Survive for 10 minutes in a single Survival game


Itemizer Pick up 250 powerups or items in one game


Keeper Reach wave 15 on The Farm map without any damage to the scarecrow

Killstreak OneEdit

Killstreak1 Reach a stats KillStreak of 1000 zombies

Killstreak TwoEdit

Killstreak2 Reach a stats KillStreak of 2000 zombies

Killstreak ThreeEdit

Killstreak3 Reach a stats KillStreak of 3000 zombies

Ladies FirstEdit

Ladies First Kill 5 female zombies in one streak without killing a single male


Lockdown Reach wave 2 in warehouse barricade without any zombie breaching the fence perimeter


Magnet Collect 10 zombie-attracting Rammers in one game


Maximum Kill at least one of each zombie boss type while not dropping your health below 100%


Merc Complete all missions on 5 silver-star level


Messy Kill 1000 zombies with a Jack Hammer with only the Messy and the Powerup Hook perks and without taking any damage

Molotov GrillEdit

Molotovgrill Start a SP game, select Strategic Perk Mode in the menu and pick only four perks: FireStarter, Friendly Fire, Remote Detonator and Molotov, and detonate 12 molotov grenades in one game

Moths to the FlameEdit

Moths to the Flame Set fire to 50 zombies that are being attracted by a Rammer in a single game


Necromancer Collect all ghost perks and kill 1000 zombies during ghosts powerups

No GunsEdit

No Guns Kill 500 zombies with a Melee weapon

Not AddictedEdit

Notaddicted Pick up 10 health power-ups in one game when your health is at 100%

One Shot One KillEdit

Oneshot Kill 250 zombies with the rage powerup in one game

One Trick KillerEdit

One Trick Killer Survive for 15 minutes in a Free Play or Barricade game by only picking one perk and by only picking up a maximum of one new weapon


Payback Take 2500 zombies down with you using the Vengeance perk


Perforator Get the minigun and kill 50 zombies with it inside 9 seconds


Pinpoint In a single FreePlay game, survive for 5 minutes without your stats accuracy dropping below 50%

Planting SeedsEdit

Planting seeds Have 20 simultaneously active mines on The Field barricade map

Popcorn PartyEdit

Popcorn Party On Cemetery Free Play, use the flamethrower to kill 50 suicide bombers during one game


Pushover In one game, kick a zombie after that same zombie hurt you and repeat 20x


Pyro Set 250 zombies on fire with the incendiary rounds in a single game

Red 101Edit

Red101 Collect 100 Nation Red achievements

Rest In PeaceEdit

Rest In Peace Kill 6 Grenade Bosses in one game on Cemetery Free Play without using any grenades during the game

Rhylos' 50Edit

R50 Collect a total of 50 achievements

Right-Hand ManEdit

Right-Hand Man Get ghosts to kill 25 zombies in one streak while killing none yourself


Runner Run a marathon length 26 miles/42 kms

Running on EmptyEdit

Runningonempty Survive for 15 minutes without holding or picking up any grenades


Slaughter Kill 100,000 zombies

Slow DeathEdit

Slowdeath In one game kill 2500 enemies during Bullet Time powerups


Speedkiller Kill any boss within 30 seconds of the boss appearing


Stonghold Kill 100 zombies in Survival Mode without moving from start of game

Stopping PowerEdit

Stopping Power Kill 150 running zombies in a single game


Superior Kill 500,000 zombies


Survivor Survive for more than 2 minutes in Survival Mode


Sweeper Reach wave 30 on the Asylum map without moving below the middle barricade and staying above the top barricade until wave 20


Targeted Kill 10 minigun bosses in one game


TeleFrag Perform 20 remote grenade detonation

Thinning the HordeEdit

Thinning The Horde Kill 1,000,000 zombies

Thirty Minutes In JailEdit

Thirty minutes in jail Survive for 30 minutes on the Prison barricade map

Time TravelerEdit

Time traveler Accumulate 90 seconds of Bullet Time in one single player game

Ton of BulletsEdit

Tonofbullets Fire 10000 bullets while not receiving any zombie damage

Too Close For ComfortEdit

Too Close For Comfort Kill 25 Bombers with a Steam Hammer in one game while staying outside their explosion range

Top DogEdit

Topdog Complete all missions on 5 gold-star level

Tough GuyEdit

Tough Guy Kill 1000 zombies in any single game without ever picking a perk


Unseen While cloaked, kill 250 zombies in one game


Untouchable Complete any mission without taking any zombie damage


Vaporized Kill 7 bosses with the Steam Hammer in one game without taking any damage


Victor Kill all zombie boss types


Walker Complete the Walker mission on any silver or gold star level


Warlord Complete all missions at 5 bronze-star difficulty

Warming UpEdit

Warming up Kill 10,000 zombies

Weapons ExpertEdit

Weapons Expert Get Dexterity, Intensity, Accuracy, Heavy Ammo, Improved Loadout then get 1000 kills

Well SuppliedEdit

Well Supplied Explode 3 propane gas tanks within a 10-second period


Winner Complete all the story missions


Wipeout In Free Play or Survival, kill 100 zombies within the first 30 seconds of the game

Accuracy ExpertEdit

Accuracy expert In a Coop game, play as the Sniper and deliver the killing blow to 10 bosses using the M107 in a single game


Back2back In a Coop game, stay within reaching distance of another player while not taking damage for 30 seconds

Back to LifeEdit

Back2life In a Coop game, perform your first revival

Boss EliminatorEdit

Boss eliminator Kill 50 bosses in one or more On-line coop games

Boss EradicatorEdit

Boss eradicator Kill 100 bosses in one or more On-line coop games

Boss EraserEdit

Boss eraser Kill 10 bosses in one or more On-line coop games

Boss ObliteratorEdit

Boss obliterator Kill 250 bosses in one or more On-line coop games

Close EncounterEdit

Close encounter In a Coop game, kill a boss with a melee weapon

Explosives ExpertEdit

Explosives expert In a Coop game, play as the Gunner and detonate 50 explosives (grenades, dynamite) in a single game


Fenced In a Coop game, hold out until wave 20 in Warehouse Barricade


Headhunters In a Coop game, kill 20 bosses with your team in a single game


Machinist In a Coop game, upgrade a sentry gun to a weapon station


Organizer Host and play a Coop game


Ressurector In a Coop game, perform three revivals in a single game

Resurgency ExpertEdit

Resurgency expert In a Coop game, play as the Medic and revive team members 15 times in a single game

Shock ExpertEdit

Shock expert In a Coop game, play as the Scout and detonate 5 flash bangs in a single game


Sustained In a Coop game, revive another player and make sure they do not receive any damage for 15 seconds afterwards

Team EliteEdit

Team elite Reach Wave 40 in an On-Line Barricade game

Team RecruitEdit

Team recruit Reach Wave 20 in an On-Line Barricade game

Team RedEdit

Team red Reach Wave 50 in an On-Line Barricade game

Team SoldierEdit

Team soldier Reach Wave 30 in an On-Line Barricade game

Team TrainerEdit

Team trainer Reach Wave 10 in an On-Line Barricade game