To manage player classes, select a class from the available classes.

Each player class has:

- A set of class attributes:

  • Speed: affects the player movement speed
  • Healing: increases or decreases the effect of all health powerups/pickups
  • Targeting Accuracy: increases the enemy hitbox
  • Armor: affects the amount of enemy or friendly fire damage
  • Reload speed: increases or decreases the time needed to reload weapons

- A preferred primary and secondary weapon with which increased damage can be done
- A special ability, for example being able to do increased damage when using a certain powerup


The Sniper is a technical expert in the handling of high-velocity rifles and gets an additional 25% range on all projectile weapons.

Special AbilityEdit

  • Cloak: +50% weapon range and damage
  • Speed: 110/100%
  • Healing: 90/100%
  • Targeting Accuracy: 120/100%
  • Armor: 80/100%
  • Reload Speed: 100/100%



The Gunner is an all-round soldier class favoring heavy weapons and trained in demolition tactics. The Gunner deals 25% more damage with all explosives.

Special AbilityEdit

  • Rage: +50% damage + 100% extra Xp
  • Speed: 100/100%
  • Healing: 100/100%
  • Targeting Accuracy: 100/100%
  • Armor: 100/100%
  • Reload Speed: 100/100%



The Medic is a heavily-armored soldier who has the ability to heal other downed players to 50 HP instead of 30 HP.

Special AbilityEdit

  • Shield: +100% more damage dealt
  • Speed: 80/100%
  • Healing: 120/100%
  • Targeting Accuracy: 80/100%
  • Armor: 120%
  • Reload Speed: 100/100%



The Scout is a highly mobile Special Forces soldier sent forward to deal quick damage or to distract enemies. The Scout is capable of +25% faster jump regeneration.

Special AbilityEdit

  • FlashOut: +50% damage + 100% extra Xp
  • Speed: 120/100%
  • Healing: 80/100%
  • Targeting Accuracy: 110/100%
  • Armor: 80/100%
  • Reload Speed: 110/100%


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