Power Ups are items found on the battlefield whenever you kill an enemy. Power Ups have an instant effect or at most a limited duration after which they disappear. An example is the ‘Ghost’ power-up which spawns a temporary ghost copy of you which will go about attacking and killing the enemy on its own. An example of an instant power-up is the ‘Dynamite’ bomb.

For maximum effect, perks and power-ups can be made to interact: for example the ‘PowerUp Extender’ perk will prolong the effect duration of any power-up you pick up; the ‘Intensity’ perk will make any projectile weapon you pick up fire at a faster rate, etc.

Note: The key to playing Nation Red successfully lies in discovering the most powerful combination of perks and power ups.

Listing of all current Power Ups, listed in alphabetical order.


Sets fire to any enemy within a 10-metre radius.

Bouncing BettyEdit

Anti-personnel bouncing mine. Kills anything within a 5-metre radius.


You can react in real-time while everything else is running in slow-motion.


Makes you near-invisible to your enemies. This is the Sniper's specialty item.

Double ExperienceEdit

Doubles your killing experience for a short period.


5-pound bomb. Kills or damages most enemies on screen.


FlashOut stuns all zombies on-screen. This is the Scout's specialty item.

Gas CanisterEdit

Explodes into a lethal fireball when fired at.


Summons a copy of yourself which will fight enemies on its own.


Holds 3 fragmentation grenades. You can hold a maximum of 15 grenades.


Boosts your health by 25%.


Incendiary sets any zombie target on fire when shot.


Drops mines wherever your player character walks. Create yourself a nice minefield for your enemies.

No ReloadEdit

No reload required while active. It's best to let this bonus end when your magazine is full. Manual reloading is instantaeneous during the duration of this bonus. Hit reload just before the effects of the item wear off to get the most out of it.


Deal 3x more damage to zombies and 2x more damage to bosses. This is the Gunner's specialty item.


Attracts nearby enemies; take them out while they are distracted.

Sentry GunEdit

A fully automatic tracking gun firing machine gun rounds.


Body armor which protects you from damage for a short period. This is the Medic's specialty item.


Allows you to move faster than usual and outrun your enemies.


Boosts your health by 50%.


Creates a force field pushing away any nearby enemies.

Uranium-Tipped BulletsEdit

Uranium fires armor-piercing bullets. Your rate of fire also receives a slight increase during this buff.