Perks are changes/modifications you make to your player and will last throughout the level, unlike Power Ups, which are instant or only last for a short period. Perks are not collected, but instead earned by experience points and then chosen by you. Whenever you reach enough experience, you gain a new experience level which will make a new perk available. Pause the game by pressing the Space Bar and select a perk from the list. (If you decide not to select a perk by pressing ‘cancel’, you will receive an ‘unselected perk bonus’ at the end of the game which is added to your high score).

In Multiplayer Mode , you can also select Anti-Perks which work against your opponent. (You will still have a selection of positive perks/modifiers for yourself to choose from as well, but anti-perks will be added to the list)

Note: You will lose all perks when you start a new game.

Listing of all perks and descriptions in alphabetical order. (See also: Anti-Perks)


Improves your targeting, increases enemy hit box.


Release a supersonic shockwave at regular intervals, pushing back and wounding enemy.


Receive a free grenade every 30 seconds. You are awarded 1 free grenade upon selecting this perk.


Doubles the effect of Wrath of God. (Requires Wrath of God)


Doubles the chance of a ghost powerup appearing.


Upgrade your armor for 25% less damage from enemy attacks.

Auto ExperienceEdit

Start earning Experience points automatically.

Bomb FanaticEdit

Grenade zombie bosses will always drop a crate of grenades on death.

Bomb ThreatEdit

All explosions (including enemy detonations) are 25% more powerful.

Boss PowerEdit

Zombie bosses will drop dual powerups when killed.

Come CloserEdit

Reduces the Turbine field by 50% but the Turbine now deals heavy damage to enemies.


Whenever an enemy attacks, you will push them back and hurt them. Hard.


Reduces the explosion range of zombie bombers exploding from your gunfire by 25%.


Upgrades weapon reload speed to 30%. (Requires Quick Fingers)


Increases the operational time of Sentry Guns by 30%.


Reduces cool down time of Hand of God (Wrath of God, Apocalypse), Saw Blades, Venom (Headlock, Payload), Aftershock, Fuse Bolt and Seekers by 20% (Requires Level 20 or above).


Burn nearby enemies. Affected enemies will slowly perish.

Fire TeamEdit

Combines with the ghost pickup to equip them with shotguns.

Friendly FireEdit

Explosions created by zombies hurt themselves as well.

Fuze BoltEdit

Releases a regular underground fuzed explosion. Use the target crosshairs to aim the bolt.

Hand of God Edit

Strikes death from the sky to any opponents within range.


Upgrades the Venom darts to auto-seeking. (Requires Venom)

Heavy AmmoEdit

Projectile weapons will pack 25% more ammo.

Heavy ArmorEdit

Upgrades armor to 35% less damage (Requires Armor).

Heavy IronEdit

50% more damage from any of your melee weapons.

Heavy SeekersEdit

Doubles the number of seekers (Requires Seekers).

Heavy SentriesEdit

Increases damage done by sentry guns and NPC soldiers by 25%.


Gain 1% extra armor for each grenade you carry.

Improved LoadoutEdit

Allows you to move at speed, regardless of the weaponry you carry.


Supercharge all projectile weapons and get a faster rate of fire.

Laser GuidedEdit

Increases current projectile damage, range and enemy hit box by 10% (Requires Accuracy).

Last BreathEdit

Before you die, get one last chance to slow down the battle field and make it out alive.

Less ClumsyEdit

Increases your walking backward speed by 30%.

Living the MomentEdit

During Bullet Time, get 25% faster reload speed and 25% more XP.

Lone WolfEdit

No Ghost, Hand of God, Seekers, Venom, or Sentry Guns but gain 25 speed and faster jump regeneration.


Dead zombies will be more likely to drop powerups.

Mano a ManoEdit

Take 30% less damage from bosses but other zombies will hurt you 10% more.

Man of the MomentEdit

Get Bullet Time when you kill any boss.


Reduces cool down time of Hand of God (Wrath of God, Apocalypse), Saw Blades, Venom (Headlock, Payload), Aftershock, Fuse Bolt and Seekers by 40% (Requires Level 30 or above).

Meat GrinderEdit

Upgrades the Turbine to pull in and cut up zombies. (Requires Come Closer)


Extends combo streak by 50% for increased XP.


Cause 10% more damage and carnage, and pick up 10% more experience.

MidAir TriggerEdit

Detonate grenade launcher missiles in mid air by hitting the fire button a second time.

Mirror ImageEdit

Combines with the ghost pickup to create two ghost fighters.


Turns grenades into incendiary grenades (Requires Remote Detonator).

More Pain More GainEdit

When your health is under 50%, receive 25% more Xp but also 25% more damage.


Increases detonation time for zombie bombers by 1 second.


Upgrades the Venom darts with explosive warheads. (Requires Venom)

Pneumatic DestroyerEdit

Combines with the Rammer pickup to explode the rammer.

PowerUp ExtenderEdit

Extends the time for any powerup by 25%.

PowerUp HookEdit

Pulls powerups towards you for easy access.


Reduces cool down time of Hand of God (Wrath of God, Apocalypse), Saw Blades, Venom (Headlock, Payload), Aftershock, Fuse Bolt and Seekers by 10% (Requires Level 10 or above)

Propane NightmareEdit

Gas canister explosions set fire to zombies outside lethal range.

Quick FingersEdit

Increases reload speed by 15%.

Rage UnlimitedEdit

No reloading needed while a Rage powerup is active.

Reflex BoostEdit

All your attacks and movements will be faster.


Slowly regenerates your health.

Remote DetonatorEdit

Allows you to detonate grenades at the crosshairs. Comes with two grenades.


Get an instant 100% health boost once. Use only when needed!

Saw BladesEdit

Cut your enemies down to size with a set of triple boomerang saw blades.


Releases two automatic seekers. They find. They Kill.


Explosions release more deadly shards of debris.


Pick up powerups automatically. (Requires PowerUp Hook)


When a zombie is on fire, transfers fire to an adjacent zombie.

Strike TeamEdit

Combines with the ghost pickup to equip them with AA-12 shotguns with armor-piercing shells (Requires Fire Team)


Reduces push resulting from enemy contact.

Trail BlazerEdit

Your dive jumps will knock back nearby zombies.


Get faster healing under 50% health and slower above. (Requires Regeneration)

Turret DefenseEdit

Increases the chance of a Sentry Gun powerup drop.


Explodes a Daisy Cutter bomb at your time of death. Maximize your score.


Releases a dozen poisoned darts at regular intervals. Each dart slowly kills its victim.

Weapon StationEdit

Upgrades the Sentry Gun to a FLW Remote Weapon Station.

Wild BunchEdit

Creates four ghosts with the ghost powerup. (Requires Mirror Image)

Wrath of GodEdit

Doubles the effect of Hand of God. (Requires Hand of God)

AP: CrippleEdit

AntiPerk: Reduces the coop players Speed by 10%.

AP: ExposeEdit

AntiPerk: Reduces the coop players Armor by 25%.

AP: Powerup DrawEdit

AntiPerk: Reduces the coop players powerup duration by 50%.

AP: Weapon JamEdit

AntiPerk: Increases the coop players weapon reload time by 25%.