Selection Screen: Mission 10-18

There are 18 missions in total. Earn 5 stars for each completed mission, each star increases the mission replay difficulty through a bronze, silver and gold star rating system.

Mission 1: Breakdown Edit

Make every shot count

Mission 2: Breakdown CrewEdit

Mission 3: CagedEdit

Kill the Cut-off saw Zombie

Mission 4: GraveyardEdit

Mission 5: BodyguardsEdit

Mission 6: InfestationEdit

Mission 7: WalkerEdit

Kill the Machinegun Zombie

Mission 8: Pincer AttackEdit

Mission 9: Point DefenseEdit

Protect the civilian survivor

Mission 10: Killing BlowEdit

Kill the Grenade Zombie

Mission 11: Let Them ComeEdit

Mission 12: Bite DownEdit

Mission 13: ContainedEdit

Mission 14: Killing FieldEdit

Mission 15: BrawlerEdit

Mission 16: Butcher's HookEdit

Kill the Butcher

Mission 17: RoadkillEdit

Mission 18: The ReckoningEdit

Eliminate the last surviving zombie